Murder Mystery hit a Home Run



BPTP’s first Murder Mystery was a Success!

On July 21st BPTP hosted their first Murder Mystery! A total of 11 guests showed up dressed to impress in Roaring 20’s style! A week prior to the Murder Mystery, the guests received a role, and a costume guide for their role. Once they showed up, they received more information about their character, and were able to mingle with the other guests. During which time, they each had secrets up their sleeves, and decided whom they could tell, and whom they could not tell. Who were friends and who were foe. Right in the middle of all the fun, one of the guests died and came back as a ghost. Now to figure out who killed him and how was he killed! After more secrets and clues were revealed, it was time to figure out who the killer was. After much discussion the group sat down to figure out who the killer was and why. Many guests were able to figure out who the killer was, but only one guest was able to guess how the victim was killed!

Congratulations to our winner: Sharon Harbeck

Special Mentions (voted on by the guests)

Best Costume: Elizabeth Mayton

Best Actor/Actress: Melissa Duncan

BPTP to Host Murder Mystery



BPTP is hosting this event, and will only oversee the mystery! It is up to you to mingle with everyone throughout the evening, work together on various angles about clues, and figure out who the murderer is.

Once you register, shortly after you will receive your role and a suggested guide to a costume. Who knows, you might even be the murderer!


Beecher Part-Time Player To Host a Murder Mystery!

The Beecher Part-Time Players are proud to announce that we will be hosting our First Murder Mystery. The Murder Mystery will debut July 21st, 7:00p, at the Beecher Community Hall. Tickets will be $20.00 each, and will include appetizers and 2 drink tickets. Tickets/Registration are first come, first serve and will be limited to 24 people.This will be 21+ event. For more information, click here.


Register Here